Join us on the summer solstice, 21 June 2022 at 16:00 CET and share the excitement as we gather to announce a special release that will mark a major stepping stone for the Swarm network; hear about the freshly rolled-out Wikipedia on Swarm” prize; learn about the latest development on the Fair Data Protocol and get ready for the second edition of WAM.

we are millions


Join like-minded artists, gamers, developers, activists, crypto enthusiasts, the curious, and the knowledgeable. Together, let's explore the power of art, blockchain, and games to create a fair and ethical, private, censorship-free, permissionless and unstoppable Web3. We are a force that makes the world a better, more accessible, more connected, and more enjoyable place. This is your call to adventure.

What is WAM DAO

The WAM DAO represents a structural upgrade of the WAM Hackathon. It moves beyond the talks, panels and workshops to offer a structured way of creating lasting solutions. It’s the encodement of the WAM ethos in a DAO that gives people the tools to connect, look, propose, and create solutions that will bring about a better Web3.
At the moment, WAM DAO is a closed group of members that is setting up the DAO. Later, the DAO will open to other members, too. When this happens, we will update the website and announce this on Fair Data Society channels. 

How to join WAM DAO?

  • How it works
Whistleblower friendly tools
Organise a WAM hackathon
Unstoppable Wikipedia
WAM private party at DevCon in Bogota